How to Clean and Maintenance Bags?

In this article we are going to take a look at how to clean and maintenance your lovely bags.

Tips for bag cleaning and maintenance: try it in an inconspicuous corner before using any maintenance agent or detergent. Stop immediately if there is a problem, and use it on a large scale if there is no problem. Generally speaking, most cleaning bags first use cleaning brushes or clean cotton cloths suitable for various materials to remove dust and dirt.

If leather bags are wiped with leather cleaner, do not use shoe polish! Generally, the lens cleaning cloth for wiping glasses is a cheap and easy-to-use good helper. It will not scratch your beloved bag, and evenly spreading it will restore the light. Bi Lizhu can be used as a maintenance agent and can also remove stains; olive oil can also be used as a good choice for leather bag maintenance.
The leather bag is best to be used frequently, and often wiped with a fine flannel cloth. If you encounter rain, dampness or mildew, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off water stains or mildew. But don’t rub it with water and gasoline, because water can harden the leather, and gasoline can volatilize and crack the leather. The bag has not been treated with any waterproofing procedures, so when the bag is wet, please wipe it dry with a soft cloth immediately to prevent stains or watermarks from leaving the surface wrinkles. If you use it in rainy days, you should pay special attention.

Cloth bags tend to collect dust during travel, so it is inevitable to regularly use vacuum cleaners and other tools to remove dust. But do not use the brush head close to the cloth surface, so as not to leave the stolen goods on the cloth surface. If there are dirty spots on the fabric, wash the towel with clean water with detergent and wring it until it is slightly damp. Wipe the dirty spots, repeat several times until they are clean, and then wash the towel with clean water and wring it to half dry Wipe clean and air dry.

No matter what kind of material, the bag should be dried in a ventilated place after cleaning. Don’t take it to the sun for quickness, because the bag after scrubbing with clean water is the most vulnerable when it is exposed to sudden high temperature. , Will cause the bag to fade or the leather becomes hard and brittle.

The hardware of the package should be wiped with a dry cloth after use. If it is slightly oxidized, you can try to gently rub the hardware with flour or toothpaste.
Special bags and special stain treatment methods. When the white leather bag is slightly yellow, you can wipe the whole bag with a toothbrush moistened with a little neutral detergent. At this time, the sewing part can be removed with an old toothbrush.

When dirt is attached, gently wipe it with an eraser, and finally apply it carefully with a colorless leather paste.

Pure white bags can also be treated with diluted 84 disinfectant or bleach, and a small range of tests are required before use. In addition, you can try to wipe the bags of the brown series with banana peel, which can polish the bags and make them cleaner. Oil stains can be removed with detergent or diluted with oxalic acid before cleaning, then wipe the contaminated area with a toothbrush, and then perform conventional treatment.

How to remove ball-point handwriting: The ball-point handwriting with colored fabric can be treated with 95% alcohol, or before cleaning, use Amway to directly brush the handwriting on the handwriting, do not get wet, and leave it for 5 minutes after normal processing.

The glue on the bag can be removed with white electric oil (scouring oil), which can be purchased at a chemical supply store. 

After the corners of the bag are peeled off or worn out, it will not be too conspicuous if they are painted with a marker of the same color as the bag.
Commonly used cleaning agents or tools: detergent, Amway, collar cleaner, toothpaste, alcohol, eraser, soft brush, bleach, 84 disinfectant (only for white bag processing) do it yourself Cleaner used: Put milk> 50g, detergent 30g, and alcohol 20g in an appropriate amount of clean water (not too much). Dip the mixed liquid with a soft-bristled brush, brush gently, and use a damp towel to foam Just wipe it off and ok. (Ordinary soup spoons and a spoonful of water are about 15 grams) MM, when you enjoy the joyful mood brought to you by your bag, you must pay attention to maintenance to make your bag more beautiful and lasting!

After you understand the maintenance, you must also understand how to store it in order to “last a long time in peace.”

Generally speaking, when changing seasons or not using for a long time, you must organize it before storing it. You should clean the bag and place it in a cool place to air dry. Apply a layer of leather protectant before storing. In order not to deform the bag, The layer should be stuffed with plain fabric to maintain the shape of the bag. The paper filler should not be used for a long time to prevent insect damage caused by moisture. A desiccant (anti-moisture agent) should be placed in the bag to prevent moisture. But avoid putting mothballs or other smelly things together.

Some bags are sold with dust bags, which are protected by putting them on the outside of the bag when storing. When placing the bags, they must be placed at intervals to prevent each other from staining and rubbing.

Storage is not burial. Please take it out regularly to let the bags breathe. It is recommended to be once a season.

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